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World Class Flight Simulation Hardware & Controls

We speacilise in the Design and Production of Flight Simualtor controls for use with the leading Fligtht Simulators such as X-Plane and Microsoft Fligth Simulator. Our range of USB flight simulator instruments and controls will provide a realistic experience to supplement and support flight training and skill development. The ability to become familiar with complex avionics in a realistic environment will reduce the time required in the cockpit and provide an opportunity to practice and perfect Instrument and Visual flying skills. Based on common training aircraft configurations including Cessna, Piper and Cirrus our flight simulator instruments and controls will connect directly to most Flight Simulators.


USB Controller Boards

USB Controllers to interconnect buttons, dials and rotary encoders with flight simulator software using USB ports. All Boards are micro-controller based using the latest controllers to operate at high speed



We have an extensive range of Avionic Panels that realistically simulate G1000 Cockpit with realistic buttons, knobs and indicator LED's


Latest News

Latest updates from our Development team at iflysims

G1000 Panel
Our Development of Avionics for the G1000 and Perspective Cockpits

We have completed the design and development of our Avionics Panel for the Cirrus SRxx aircraft. This Panel consists of 1 Panel that emulates 3 separate parts for the Flight Management System (FMS). The GCU 478 controller used in the G1000 Integrated Flight Deck. The GMC 705 Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) and the last part of the Panel emulates the GMA 350 audio Controller.

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